Many of us are just born travelers. We can remember our first field trips with our parents, and of course later, as a teenagers, traveling alone or, more often, with friends. Some of us just have traveling in our blood, and some of us become life time travelers with the help of parents (if the parents are travelers, you get use to it). The one common thing among all of us is a passion for discovering new places and new people, meeting other cultures and their habits. I think we all share those feelings.

But the travelers’ life is not all pleasure. There is lot of suffering, a lot sacrificing, but with a good purpose. The experience that you gain after each and every trip is just priceless. You can meet a lot of new people, some of them can become your friends for life and there is even a chance to find your love companion. So, there are always good and bad things, but it’s our choice, it’s a life we choose to live.

Most of us have our favorite way of traveling. Some of us love to travel by car, some of us by train, some by airplane, and some with not so usual ways, like with a bicycle or motorcycle. Without a doubt every way of traveling is a story for itself. It just depends what kind of person you are. Not all people are traveling just because they love to travel, lots of people are traveling because they have to; their family is far away, or they have a job that involves traveling. But again, we all have a choice, or don’t we?

Not all people can be travelers or at least not life travelers. Like for everything, for traveling you need money too. It can be very expensive but also very cheap. It depends where are you and how are you traveling. That’s why traveling is good, you have options. If you don’t have that much money you can hitchhike, or travel by foot, or with a bicycle. Some travel that way because they love to. And you can always sleep in some camp or cheap hostels, or bed & breakfast. For others that have a little more money there are more options. Traveling by a car or any other transport way, and you can sleep where ever you want even in a hotel.

Traveling is just a special thing, not always the best thing for everyone but always a great and often useful experience. If you still haven’t, you have to try it; you will like it for sure. One is for sure, we are all explorers deep inside.

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