History of Thoracic Surgery

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Dr. Joseph Skoda

Dr. Joseph Skoda, Nihilist, Skeptic, Dermatologist. Continue reading

The cowboys and rodeo stars of thoracic surgery

Discussing Dr. Joseph Coselli and ‘the cowboys of cardiac surgery’ along with some of our own heros of thoracic surgery here at Cirugia de Torax. Continue reading

Pneumonectomy: for Tuberculosis

a discussion of Tuberculosis as a surgical disease, with a look at the historical perspectives. Continue reading

The University of Mississippi: Pioneers in Transplant

Reviewing the history of the first lung transplant and other medical firsts while here in Jackson, Mississippi. Continue reading

History of Thoracic Surgery

a selection of citations and links to articles detailing the rich, and sometimes colorful history of thoracic surgery Continue reading


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